About the REOMAC Foundation

The REOMAC® Foundation gives back to the community and is irrevocably dedicated to charitable and educational purposes. Our donors are committed to responding to and fostering educational advancement through scholarship awards.  

Over the past 10 years, REOMAC® has given hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to deserving college students. The funds have been primarily earned through the Annual Charity Reception and Auction held at our in-person events.

Thank you to all the many individuals who donate to the REOMAC Foundation, so that we are able to provide these valuable scholarships to deserving students. 

Scholarship Applications - Now Open!

To apply for a 2021 REOMAC Foundation Scholarship, please click here! 

Application deadline: May 31, 2021

"With college tuition on the rise the REOMAC Foundation scholarship will help immensely, especially since I will be attending college for five years with my STEM to the MBA program, where I will graduate with a undergraduate degree in a STEM field and an MBA from Alabama. I plan to eventually take on an executive position in the medical field so that I can help improve or save people's lives, and the REOMAC scholarship will allow me to do that."


"Being a chosen candidate for the REOMAC Foundation Scholarship, this means not only financial, but also moral support to me. I am filled with gratitude that people approve of, and would like to help me achieve my goal of becoming a psychiatrist. With help from the REOMAC Foundation, I will now be on the right track, financially, to pursue my dream of helping others who need mental and medical help." - Isabel Hooper


Get Involved!

Donate now directly or give back while you shop by making the REOMAC Foundation your charity on Amazon Smile! 

"The scholarship means a lot to me because college is not cheap, and every single dollar helps me pursue the education I need to fulfill my goals of becoming an engineer. College will help me set my goals and work towards achieving them. The key to a successful life is being able to set goals for yourself and then completing them, and I cherish all the help I can get to fulfill my dreams."


"I am honored to be awarded the top REOMAC scholarship. This scholarship allows me to further pursue my college degree in Cinematic Arts. I will be going into my second year at CSUMB this year. My first year was amazing, I grew and learned so much not just as a student, but as a young adult. I look forward to further developing my knowledge and skills this coming year." 


"For me, this scholarship is going to take some pressure off of me to buy books. I will be able to spend a little more time studying and a little less time working. The REOMAC Foundation scholarship showed me that hard work really does pay off." - Noah Bogusz


The REOMAC Foundation is proud to announce the 2020 scholarship recipients!


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