REOMAC® supports the success of individuals and companies in the default services industry by providing a forum for peer-to-peer networking, an environment for sharing industry best practices, and access to qualified, educated service providers.


REOMAC® will be recognized as a leader in the default services industry, and a driving force in charting a course for the long-term success of individuals and companies within the industry.

REOMAC® will be viewed as a professional association, an advocate for industry issues, and its premiere membership organization.

REOMAC 2019 Summit

We’d like to take this opportunity to address our Annual Spring Conference. We’ve been too quiet about it, and in that silence, some rumors have started to grow.

With mortgage defaults down 78% from their peak, most Servicers have pulled back almost completely from default industry events. We know that REOMAC provides the right environment for us to share challenges, concerns and best practices. However, we need Servicers to maintain the full compliment of industry professionals.

To that end, REOMAC is initiating a targeted effort to seek input directly from Servicers on what their educational needs might be.  This effort is being headed by Bryce Fendall, board member and default servicing professional, and will run through February.  What does this mean?  For one, it means that we will be delaying our Annual Spring Conference.  It also means that when we do schedule it, we’ll be ready to provide the robust content we are known for.

REOMAC plans to have a focused event in the Los Angeles area in April.  Details are being arranged, and there will be more to come in an upcoming communication!  REOMAC continually strives to make travel and attendance convenient for all of our members.  The intent is to make sure we are working with our servicing professionals, every step of the way.  This should build the momentum needed to host the type of larger event we are all seeking.


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